Advanced Sludge Degritting - A Cost-Effective Solution to Abrasives Removal

18th April 2018


Wastewater treatment plants are significantly impacted by grit, and the majority of installed grit removal systems fail to keep settleable grit out of the plant. Grit is a nuisance material, depositing in treatment processes and causing abrasive wear to mechanical equipment. In addition to the abrasive effects, grit accumulates in processes throughout a plant, especially digesters.

Since it happens gradually and continuously, it often goes unnoticed until a process is completely overwhelmed and needs to be shut down to manually remove the grit that accumulates in aeration basins and digesters. This shutdown and manual removal is expensive, time consuming and means taking processes off line.

Sludge degritting systems offer a cost-effective solution when designed with an accurate understanding of the size and volume of material to be processed. This paper provides designers and plants with the insights required to successfully design cost effective and efficient sludge degritting systems that will minimize abrasion and deposition problems.

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